Terms & Conditions

The person making the reservation and the guest checking-in must be over 18-years of age. To eliminate booking fraud, the guest may be requested to present photo identification to ensure their identity matches the guest named in the booking. A valid credit card is required for all bookings.

Cancellation/Amendment Policy
Operates on a 24-hour Cancellation/Amendment and No-Show policy on all rooms and rates. Failure to notify reception of your non-arrival or amendment by 2pm the day before your expected arrival date will incur the full cost of the first night’s accommodation.

We guarantee your room once a valid credit card has been given to reserve this room. When extreme circumstances do not allow this, we will find you an alternative motel of equal or better quality at no extra expense to yourself.

Check-in Instructions
Please advise reception if checking in after 6:00pm so alternative arrangements can be made for you to gain access to your room.

Travel Insurance
We recommend that all travelers obtain travel insurance against cancellation or amendment fees as well as providing sufficient medical cover.

Facilities Use
Any guest who is conducting activities contrary to local, state or federal laws or who by their actions place our license under threat will be asked to vacate the premises immediately. In such cases no refund will be offered.